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U4 (School Nursery)

Our level one programme is focussed on children settling into the environment of a sports session, such as the area, coaches, equipment, music and structured fun games. 



U5 (School Reception)

Our level two programme builds on the FUNdamentals of level one, adding in more game rules, technical challenges and the introduction of invasion games with defending. 



U6 (School Year One)

Our level three programme is the final stage of our Mini Mags programme, which introduces children to small sided games and basic game rules in readiness for under 7's from the following season.


We need to lay the foundations of good movement in the early years to create healthy behaviours at a young age. We know that learning to move is vital for children to be able to choose to be active as they get older. The brain also develops by having lots of stimulating physical and multi-sensory play so better movers are better learners.

Throughout the Mini Magpies levels, we want to maximise the opportunities the children have to move, they don’t just magically learn all the skills they need, there are certain skills that need to be taught, and these skills are also the ones that are needed to play many of the games and sports throughout life. If we teach children to move well they will develop the confidence and motivation to move even more. This lays the foundations for a life of physical activity and better mental and physical health.

All sessions are underpinned by the Successful Kinaesthetic Instruction for Pre- schoolers (SKIP-Cymru©) framework.

Children will have a ball each for the majority of the session and will work on developing essential skills such as balance, co-ordination, social skills and much more in a fun environment.

The sessions are interactive with the parents and carers too, so you…the ‘grown ups’ assist the coach during the session meaning you can take great pride knowing you have done even more to support your child’s early development. Children work more independently as they progress through the Mini Magpies levels.

We have a specific programme of sessions which runs in line with the early years national curriculum. Not only will your children have lots of fun and make new friends but they will also develop in many other key areas.

Activities are fun, enjoyable and consistent to introduce children to the idea of participating in a regular, organised activity.

We take account of each child's abilities, needs and progress, celebrating their successes and helping them overcome any areas they find more challenging.

Mini Magpies sessions incorporate our rounded learning approach of play, practice and understanding. Play is the motivator and promotes continued and repeated practice.

This disguised learning in itself is a powerful tool, however we believe in not only teaching the children how to perform the skills, but also to understand why and where to use the skill in the real world. Our delivery model will always look to cover;

- Personal, social & emotional development.
- Communication, language, numeracy & literacy.
- Creative & physical development.

Mini Magpies develops sound ball skills in both feet, left and right. At the same time we teach the importance of fair play and abiding by the rules. The programme is about development not competition.

Children socialise and interact with other children of their own age at the weekly sessions, they learn to share and cooperate together, and to be creative in the way they perform their tasks. Both boys and girls participate in classes.

We encourage children to enjoy and partake physical activity on a regular basis, making sure exercise fun and rewarding.


Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen, Tondu,
Bridgend, CF32 9EL

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