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What is Walking Football?

Walking football is the game you love and remember, but played in a new way!

Walking Football is a unique small-sided ball game created by John Croot in 2011. It’s similar in some respects to Association Football and this is what makes it such a great sport. When playing the sport, all of the skills you have learned will come flooding back. Memories will come back too because the game is familiar. It’s the game you love and remember but played in a new way.

What makes Walking Football different?

The biggest difference, as the name suggests, is there is no running. Walking football is played at walking pace, with players not allowed to run. This includes with the ball or off the ball, and includes jogging. You can ‘walk’ as fast as you want and walking as described in the rules is “one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times.”

One other big difference to association or 5-a-side football is that it’s classed as non-contact sport. Although tackling is allowed, this must be done with no contact.

Benefits of Walking Football

It’s the perfect game for people in later life!

We play indoors in a sports hall, usually five or six-a-side. As in five-a-side the ball must not go overhead height and all free kicks are indirect.

The threat of pain, discomfort and injury is reduced due to the combination of a slower pace and reduced contact. This allows people who have loved the sport all their lives to once again safely get back to playing. It also introduces the sport to people who perhaps have never considered playing before.

The health benefits of playing on a regular basis;
Walking football is an excellent way of staying fit and healthy. Studies have shown it can be effective in the treatment of mild to moderate hypertension. It can produce high aerobic activity with marked improvements in fat oxidation and aerobic power. There are also substantial mental health benefits. 

Who plays Walking Football?


Under 50's

Our under 50's sessions (for players aged between 30 and 50) hold all of the values of a true walking football session, just played at a slightly faster pace than the usual game. Great for an additional fitness session in the week.


Over 50's

Our over 50's session is open to all ages, with our current age range between 50 and 82 years of age. The rules have been devised in such a way as to allow the game to be played safely by participants in older age groups.


Walking football. The basic rules...

What you need to know about playing Walking Football

- Non-Contact
- Above head height restriction on ball
- Deflection above head height by goalkeeper – ball retained by keeper
- No heading the ball
- All free kicks indirect
- Whistle stops and resumes play – no quick free kicks
- No direct goal from a kick-off or any dead ball situation
- All free kicks have defenders 3-metres distant
- Players may not play the ball whilst grounded – includes slide tackling/blocks
- Cornering a player is not permitted – allow the opponent to turn
- Playing with reckless or dangerous intent is an infringement
- One-step penalty kicks
- Sin-bin time out for any three same or variety of infringement
- Zero tolerance on disrespectful conduct towards the referee


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